Demand To Learn

Call To Action

Demand to Learn is a campaign started by the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) branch in Arizona. The goal of the campaign is equal access to quality education for all children in Maricopa County, Arizona, regardless of their race or place of birth.

As a sub-brand of the ACLU of Arizona, Demand to Learn’s visual identity had to be recognizable as a part of a bigger picture, but still distinctive on its own. The bell as a symbol of the campaign was chosen for obvious reasons – a school bell is a call for students to go to the class. But in this instance, it also serves to remind people that Demand to Learn sounds the alarm about unequal access to quality education. Calling to mind the Liberty Bell, this logo also represents the ACLU as the initiator of the campaign.


  • ACLU Arizona


  • Phoenix, AZ


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